Storytelling for your brand

People always tell stories in their day to day lives! How about implementing it for your brand! Real emotions always work better and touch people’s hearts and minds. You could create a story… Continue reading

#MeetD3 – Just what Dubai needed 

We’ve always known Dubai for fancy things, and the best infrastructure. However the creative culture was missing. With the inception of Dubai Design District, this gap should soon fill and open doors to… Continue reading

Brands adopting Beacon Technology for in-store customer engagement

This article is exclusive to Gulf News Brands have been experimenting different mediums for engaging with their customers. A lot of the brands have been concentrating on location based marketing. Retailers find it… Continue reading

Foursquare online listing pages gets a much needed makeover

Foursquare finally gets its much needed makeover! The online listing pages reflect check in data which competitors like Yelp don’t have. This version looks a lot more than just online ratings. It reflects… Continue reading

Give your team their space to grow

Getting your digital team or rather any team to perform depends on a few factors. Many a times, organizations do not spend enough time in nurturing their team and expect results.  However, some… Continue reading

Is Apple keeping up its brand promise?

Being a die-hard Apple fan, i would always be ready to buy the next new product apple launches the very next day. It was more so the belief i had in the brand… Continue reading

How to bring about the change in your organization?

Many of us are so comfortable with our daily routine, our work, the people around us and more so the processes. Often, when any organization tries to implement any change, there always seems… Continue reading

What is the best way to get great talent? To hire or train?

  One universal issue every business faces is should you hire ready-made talent, or mold a current employee to that role.   I always enjoy investing time and resources in training in-house talent… Continue reading

No one gives a damn about the size of your To-Do List!

Very often i hear people complaining about their to-do list, the number of tasks they have to finish, and how busy they are! However, for me its just another form of an excuse,… Continue reading

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